V8-CANS_ICEV8-PPP_PistonsHolds twelve – 12-ounce beverage cans & 5 lbs. of ice or cold packs. Eight beverage cans are visible and easily accesible without opening the cooler! Just lift the hinged valve covers! Plus 4 more cans fit in the bottom of the cooler! All stay refreshingly cold!

Built to last for years of enjoyment using durable silver graphite composite rigid foam or black arcel that keeps beverages colder, longer!

Perfect for condiments!Perfect condiment bar! Keeps condiments cold, yet easily accessable. Clear valve cover acts as a “sneeze guard” keeping unwanted germs. Great for bloody mary bars, tail gating condiments like pickles, olives, etc.

V8_NEWstraps_JARS smOptional clear jars available that fit snuggly into the piston cylinders. Pick what you want to store! Anything from shrimp, olives, and other food items, or use it in the garage for nuts, bolts, screws and more!

ppp_strap_pic web SMComes with a thick embroidered carrying strap. One side reads LIVE OUTSIDE THE BOX and the other AMERICAN INGENUITY“. Keeps your hands free while transporting!


The Piston Power Pack Cooler is NOW AVAILABLE in Black Arcel.v8-blk-w-cans sm


 Click on picture below to hear the roar of an engine!  Drivers start your engines!

Drivers start your engines!

So unique, it’s been awarded 3 patents. (Other foreign and domestic patents pending)