NEW! Piston Power Pack V8 Cooler in Black Arcel

Includes embroidered harness carrying strap.

UPDATED Piston Power Pack V8 Cooler - Strap included!

Durable Silver Graphite Composite rigid foam - build to last for years of useful enjoyment.

Embroidered Harness Carrying Strap


Hinged Valve Cover

Simply lift the hinged valve cover to access beverages in piston cylinders without opening the cooler cover.

Sound Module

Drivers, Start Your Engines! VROOM! VROOM! with replaceable batteries.

Holds twelve-12 oz beverage cans & 5 lbs of ice or cold packs

Eight beverage cans are visible and easily accesible without opening the cooler!

Perfect for a condiment bar!

Optional clear jars available!

12 oz. clear PET jars w/black screw cap.

Justin Poenitsch #87 Late Model

A geat creative use for the Piston Power Pack Cooler - A 4th of July potted flower arrangement!

American Ingenuity - Live Outside The Box! Another creative uses for the Piston Power Pack! What can you come up with???


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SHIFT your sales promotions into HIGH GEAR with the hottest idea in beverage coolers in 100 years! All new, cost effective, attention grabbing and highly desirable V-8 ENGINE beverage can cooler.

The legendary and powerful V-8 engine has been ingeniously “reborn” as a beverage cooler . . . a beautifully sculptured and decorated work of art that’s not only functional – it even talks!

NEW COLOR…the Piston Power Pack Cooler is NOW AVAILABLE in BLACK ARCEL . . . Check it out!

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